Your Path to Liberation is Here.

You work hard to resist the status quo, but burnout, chronic stress, & compassion fatigue can knock you off your path.  Rooted Respite supports your well-being while you advocate for a more equitable future.

Our Purpose

To nurture the well-being of people pursuing
justice, equity, sustainability, and systemic social change.

Rooted Respite offers services to help you eliminate burnout so you can step confidently into the future you envision today.


We Offer

Virtual Community

Virtual Community

Connect with your peers, give and get support and share resources in our virtual community. With spaces specifically for reflection, conversation, and practice, this community is an interactive hub for your burnout support needs.
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Group Programs

Get Your Life

Get Your Life is a 12-week burnout recovery and prevention program that runs 3 times per year. During the 12 weeks, you can expect to build community across fields, learn to protect your peace, and step boldly into the world you envision.
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1:1 Support

We offer 1:1 support for those looking for more personalized support in their burnout recovery. This service is only available through a conversation with Taj.
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You deserve to live in the world you envision.

Working for social change takes a lot of time and energy. Sometimes, it feels like rolling a boulder uphill in an ice storm. In those moments, we are more likely to see the signs of burnout, but burnout doesn’t come on suddenly. It builds over time.

Rooted Respite’s goal is to help you see the signs much sooner so you can get the support you need before you need it. We are trauma-informed and keep your psychological safety at the forefront of what we do. 

Another world is possible; let’s build it together. 

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Taj M. Smith, MDiv


Another world is possible

You envision a world where people have what they need to survive and thrive; a world where rest is a priority. You deserve to live that vision. Together, we can make it happen.

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