Monthly Community Support Call – May

A banner graphic advertising Rooted Respite's monthly Community Support Call. One-third of the banner has a white background with the words "Rooted Respite" stylized in purple. There are palm fronds framing that section. The other two-thirds of the graphic have a purple background that is chevron shaped. It's outlined in orange. White and light green text reads: "Monthly Community Support Call. The last Friday of every month (Unless otherwise noted) 3-4 pm EST | 12-1 pm PST"

Friday, May 31, 2024 | 3-4 pm EST | 12-1 pm PST

A burnout support space for people doing social change work.

Each month, Rooted Respite hosts a video call for people experiencing burnout while engaged in social change work. These free one-hour calls are spaces where activists, advocates, DEI professionals, and others committed to building a more equitable world can just BE.

It’s easy to forget that you have needs when there’s so much wrong in the world—we created this space to help you remember. Connect with people around the globe who are just as committed to social change as you are. This work is meant to be done in community; let this be yours for an hour.

Join us on the last Friday of every month (usually) from 3-4 pm EST.

Dedicated to the collective healing of burnout in social change movements.  


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